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Food and grocery delivery for the Eugene area.

Preparing for Deliveries


mon - midnight to 5 am
tues - midnight to 5 am
wed - midnight to 5 am
thurs - midnight to 5 am
fri 7 to 10* midnight to 5 am
sat - midnight to 5 am
sun - midnight to 5 am

* > On select evenings, food and grocery runs may be set up in advance for the times listed. These earlier hours sometimes change, so please refer back to this list before placing an order.

Pricing and Payment

The standard cost of delivery is 5 dollars, plus the cost of the food/items. You can have 6 items delivered for this price

There is an accounting fee of 1 dollar, but this is rebated/waived when paying with cash.

  • Every 6 additional items add a 2 dollar charge.
  • Extra locations add a 2 dollar charge.
  • If any location(s) (including delivery location,) is outside of our area of operation, we may still offer to accept the order with an extra charge, most likely 2-4 dollars. In the event that we are experiencing a high number of orders, we may not be able to facilitate such a request.


From midnight until 5am, we deliver from many places within our service area, including (but not limited to) all of the following.

please note that these hours are taken from the storefront of the buildings. we cannot guarantee or enforce the hours of these businesses! Also, we do not periodically check to see if the hours have changed. We are not directly affiliated with any of the business listed, we just deliver from them. Links were found via the listed sites of the businesses.

Denny'stheir menu pdf
Burrito Boy Wednesday through Saturday 24 hoursMenu
Jack in the box Food
McDonalds Food
7-11 their site
Taco Bellopen until 3 am, 4 am on fri and satMenu
Safewayopen until 2am
Pita Pitopen until 2am on Thurs, Fri, and Sat
Riva's Taco shopopen 24 hourstheir menu
Dough CoLobby until 1 am (they have in-house delivery, but if you are outside their delivery range you might not be outside ours)Delivery Area. There is a link to their menu at the top of their page.

Below are locations that are outside our service area, but we may still deliver from them with an 'outside service area' charge (typically an extra 2-4 dollars) if we are not currently experiencing a large volume of orders.

IHOPFull Menu
WINCOopen 24 hours

What We Do

We deliver from any place that is open and will serve, within our area of operation. It is asked that you not order from a location that is 15 minutes (or less) from closing, for best results.

As of January 1st, 2019, we only accept cash (US dollars). No credit or debit cards

What We Don't Do

  • We do not accept cards, checks,paypal, bitcoin (or the like,) foreign currency, or barter.
  • We do not allow customers to 'ride along' on deliveries, nor does our service charge to deliver people to a location.
  • We do not currently deliver age restricted items (adult material, cigarettes, alcohol.)